Ash Wilson is a fully qualified & experienced
personal trainer based in Melbourne

with over 5 years experience weight training, comps and prep,
fitness and nutrition Ash can help you fulfill your potential.

My name is Ash Wilson and I have been training seriously for 8 years. Within this time I have competed successfully, placing in many shows.


I have experience in all various types of training styles but personally my style of training is the standard 6 day muscle group split comprising of supersets, tri-sets, dropsets and conditioning circuits.


My journey to health & fitness started because I needed to improve my life and to give myself a place to release stress. It began as a tool to make myself feel good on the inside and soon became something that made me feel good on the outside.


I tried my first comp in bikini and fell in love with being on stage so I continued training and eventually stepped up into figure.


Competing is just one area in this industry that I love and have experience in but I love helping all kinds of clients reach and achieve their goals.


I am available for face to face coaching or online.


Contact me for a consultation and get results now.